Resulting from feedback of our recent parent survey and teacher development program, we have made the decision to implement a swim school student behaviour control plan. This will allow our instructors to focus on the teaching of skills rather than being distracted by certain student behaviour. We appreciate it is the role of the instructor to control the class and have adequate student to teacher ratios accordingly. The changes that you may start to notice in the classes will relate to student behaviour such as not listening to instructors, continually being underwater, touching other children in the class, disrespect towards the teacher or other students, swinging on the platforms or any other unsafe behaviour. There is no doubt students will continue to behave in these ways as they are children, however we are simply informing all parents that they will be managed in the following way:

  • Children will be given one warning to stop inappropriate behaviour
  • On the second warning children will be sat on the side of the pool & miss one turn
  • They will then be asked to re-join the lesson and participate
  • If the poor behaviour continues they will be sent to their parents
  • In the event of unsafe or disrespectful behaviour children will be removed from the lesson immediately. Behaviours such as spitting or swimming under the platforms will result in this situation.

We ask that you please assist us with implementing this student behaviour management program in our lessons by maintaining a presence on pool deck. Please continue to approach our pool deck coordinators if you have any concerns at all in relation to your child’s swimming lesson.

The great advantage of our facility is that the kids can have a swim before the lesson to be able to release some built up energy, or have a swim afterwards to practice their swimming. We feel this play period before and after class is important to their water familiarity, and simply want to improve what we do in the class to get the most out of the 30 minutes.

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