We are excited to announce that in June the Health Club will provide Massage and Chiropractic services onsite for consultations.

All sessions will be claimable through hicaps allowing you to access any health fund or medicare benefits you may be entitled to.

We have partnered up with Tensegrity to provide quality allied health services to our members.

Members will be able to benefit from a generous discount on services as part of this scheme. We believe in a holistic approach to health and fitness, so we hope that many of you take advantage of this great opportunity.

Allied Health Calendar:

Tuesday: Chiropractor 8am – 12pm
Tuesday: Massage 12pm – 7pm
Thursday: Massage 8am -7pm
Saturday: Massage 8am -2pm

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About our Allied Health Team

Chiropractor: Ian Pau

Ian is a graduate from the Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University and completed his undergraduate studies in anatomy and physiology at the University of New South Wales. He is now furthering studies with a Masters of Sports Science in chiropractic.
Enjoying an active childhood, Ian has experienced the health benefits from an extensive and successful youth sporting career, however, like many others has suffered a fair share of varying injuries, most of which have been successfully treated and managed by a chiropractor. Through personally experiencing the positive effects of chiropractic on sporting injuries and the health improvements that accompanied the treatments, he has been inspired to pursue a career in the profession to help both children and adults enjoy and continue an active and well balanced lifestyle.
Ian believes that with the combination of good scientific knowledge and a diverse range of manual adjustment and soft tissue techniques he is well equipped to meet the challenges of each patient.

Massage: Bryce

Bryce graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Masters of Chiropractic.

Bryce has been involved in a variety of placements including the ‘Gear up girl’ cycling event held in Cronulla, the ‘Super Sikhs’ sporting cup, the ‘OXFAM walk for life’ event as well as a geriatric care placement at the southern cross care retirement village during his intern year.

Bryce has a strong passion for healthcare, manual therapies and is dedicated to providing comfortable and effective treatments for each of his patients to maximise their quality of life and empower them to take charge of their wellbeing. For Bryce, the goal for each of his patients is to go beyond just symptom recovery and to explore the WHAT? HOW? And WHY? A dysfunction has occurred and how to tailor his care and rehab to allow more permanent results.

The techniques Bryce implements in his practice include: Manual adjusting using diversified Chiropractic technique, manual joint mobilisations, myofascial release technique, trigger point therapy, Post isometric relaxation, taping, exercise prescriptions and is eager to grow his clinical toolkit further.


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