Homework can seem like a boring, tiring and tricky task for all children and an even trickier task for busy parents who just want to get dinner on the table. Here is a great idea to keep your child interested, motivated and excited about homework time!
Your greatest purchase for your child’s schooling career will be a mini whiteboard. Children absolutely love the idea of being able to write, spell and work out maths problems on their own miniature boards. Not only does it keep you child entertained and happy about homework, but it is also a fantastic learning tool. Your child will be able to very easily fix any mistake they make with a swipe of a hand or a tissue. They will also feel more creative and comfortable attempting multiple ways of finding a solution when they are using a tool that is designed to be erased. This allows children to begin to understand their learning process as their maths calculations, sounding out and spelling practice and general idea development will become less interrupted.
If you feel like getting creative, you can make your own whiteboards by simply laminating paper. You can even use coloured paper and colour code different subjects to further motivate your children.
Happy homeworking!
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