Please find below the new group fitness timetable.
The 9.15am Aqua Aerobics classes have been moved forward to 9.00am and a new 8.00am Wednesday class has been added.
The Monday 10.30am and Thursday 6.15am FX30 classes are on hold for the new Boot Camp program between 9th October – 1st December. Classes will continue as normal after the 2nd December.

Boot Camp:

Book your spot for the upcoming Boot Camp Program starting in October.
$19 for 8 Weeks (8 sessions) available for members and non members.

Class sessions (9th October – 2nd December)
Monday 9.30am
Monday 6.30pm
Thursday 6.00am
Thursday 5.30pm
Saturday 8.15am
Find out more info and book you spot here.

Reformer Pilates Level 1 – Term 2

Term 2 of our 1hour Reformer Pilates classes is about to start.

Class sessions (5th October – 11th December)
Monday 9am (1hour)
Thursday 9.30am (1hour)
Thursday 6pm (1hour)
Sunday 8.30am (1hour)

$90 for 10 weeks. Reserve your spot now!
Find more information about the new reformer pilates classes here

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