We have had a great winter season with the St George Basketball competition. Congratulations to all who participated in the teams. We are looking forward to another exciting season of skill development.

We will be running trials for the Spring/Summer season on the following dates:

Friday 3rd of August – U10’s (4.45-5:45 pm) & U12’s (5:45-6:45 pm)

Friday 10th of August – U14’s (4:45-5:45 pm) & U16’s (5:45-6:45 pm) & U18s (5:45-6:45 pm)

Over 100 Players attended trials for our teams last season and we are keen to put some highly competitive teams on the floor this season.

Messages from the coaches:

I have been so proud to have been able to develop the Swish program initiatives throughout the season.  My under 10’s unisex Swish black side has continued to improve throughout the entirety of the season, not only enhancing their individual play but, recently they have been playing extremely well as a team. My under 12’s Swish blue team has also improved tremendously over the course of the season and their skills in terms of passing, dribbling on the move, making moves on the fly and creating opportunities for other teammates. I had the pleasure to coach the Swish girls team on occasion, they grew more and more confident as the season progressed and it was delightful to watch them mature into confident players who aren’t afraid to take on bigger opponents. Overall, my teams have improved exponentially and have surpassed my expectations. I couldn’t be more proud of my teams and I know these kids will continue onto great things if they keep working hard.

Coach Aaron


Hello swishers!! It has been a great honour coaching you guys this season. It is great to see the next generation enjoy and bring back the competitiveness in the game of basketball. My under 10’s, under 12’s and under 16’s all played with a lot of heart and passion considering this is everyone’s first season or even some player’s first time in a high level competition. From the start of the season till now, I would think this was everyone’s 3rd year in a structured competition. All the players I have coached have developed their skills and attitude dramatically, changing the way they view the game and see how important balance is in life. It is great to see everyone getting out of their way to practice, prioritising their schoolwork with sport, working hard and especially having fun. I’m hoping to see all of you back in action next season!!

Coach Jamie


Thank you for the first season of our swish season. Every player I’ve coached this season has improved dramatically and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you guys and any sport you do. For a lot of players, this was your first time playing competitive basketball and sometimes it can be very confronting playing against other people. But every single person has made the effort to improve their game and I love that work ethic from every single one of you.  Hopefully in the seasons to come your love for basketball will grow because it all comes with experience. I would like to especially congratulate the under 14 swish team for going undefeated all season and making the finals. Remember to always keep working on your game, things don’t happen overnight.

Coach Ryan

Looking forward to seeing you at trials!

Please note: participating in the St George competition incurs a $150 registration fee that can be paid at the Learn to Play reception, this covers the match fees and coach fees. There is also a $100 insurance fee that must be paid to BNSW, which can be paid here, this is valid for one year.

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