Don’t let your child fall behind, Give them a head start in 2018!

As parents we don’t always have the time, patience or know-how to help our kids properly understand the information they have learnt at school.

Tutoring not only helps your child keep up with the ever changing school curriculum but also helps reinforce the concepts they have learned in the classroom. Our teachers work with groups of students (max 4) giving each student an individualised lesson plan based on the areas they need improvement.

Our highly qualified tutoring staff is comprised of award winning school and university teachers, who have developed innovative and award winning programs resulting in outstanding educational improvements in students of all ages.

BlueFit Tutoring is a very hands on program that is based on a philosophy of teaching that supports making learning fun, interesting and relevant to the child. This learning environment is proven to be the most effective way to help your child understand and connect with their Literacy and Numeracy concepts, as well as ensure they enjoy their tutoring experience.

Lessons are available for students in Pre-Kindy, K-6, and 7-10. All classes are grouped by stages.

Our Program

Quick starters: 5-10 minute games that are fun, interactive and target Literacy or Numeracy concepts.

Introduction: This segment of the lesson is where the main activity for the lesson will be discussed, modelled and planned.

Body: The body of the lesson is where your child will be independently working through their activity. At all times the tutor will be monitoring and checking making sure your child is on task.

Feedback: This segment of the lesson is based around editing your child’s work, helping them self evaluate their work and providing feedback.

Fast Finishers: 5-10 minute games or quizzes that conclude the lesson in a fun and interactive way. Fast finishers will be dependent on how students are working during their lessons.

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Tutoring Holiday Workshop

BlueFit Tutoring will give your child the support they need to keep on top of their learning and finish of the year with a bang!

The BlueFit Tutoring team is dedicated to helping your child achieve their learning goals, develop a love for learning and most importantly build their confidence. We believe in learning that is FUN, INTERESTING and RELEVANT!
Every school holidays our fun packed workshops are on! Dates for the summer holidays will be announced soon.
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More Information

  • Our Staff

    Our Tutoring supervisor is a qualified teacher (BA, MTeach (prim)) and available to discuss your child’s progress within the program. Please feel free to approach them should you have any questions about your child’s progress. We do ask that you do not approach your child’s teacher during lesson time as this distracts them from their class. Our tutoring supervisor is available to assist you with any queries and can assist you with finding a solution.
    All BlueFit tutors are qualified teachers, studying to be teachers or studying other professions at a tertiary level. Our staff is selected based on their experience, skill and ability to effectively communicate with children. All BlueFit tutors hold current CPR qualifications and have completed a Working with Children clearance. We conduct regular staff training to ensure our teachers are up to date with the latest teaching methods. Our staff is here to help you so please ask us if you need assistance.

  • Before the lesson

    Tutoring students should arrive at the site 5 minutes before the lesson start time. Please make sure that your child does not enter the classroom prior to the commencement of their lesson. There is seating in the tutoring waiting area (corridor outside the classroom) for you and your child to wait for their lesson.
    Each time you attend lessons you must swipe your card to log your attendance at reception. This enables us to know who we are responsible for in the unlikely event of being evacuated. If you forget your swipe card, please talk to our reception staff and they will manually log your attendance for the day.

  • During the lesson

    You are not required to stay on site while your child is at their lesson. Your child is in the duty of care of the tutoring team during their scheduled lesson time.

  • After the lesson

    The safety of you, your child and our staff is paramount to us. We ask that once your child has finished their lesson that you return back to the centre to collect your child from the designated tutoring waiting area. We will not allow children to enter other areas of the centre by themselves or wait outside for you.

  • Medical

    It is important that our tutors and the tutoring supervisor are kept informed and up to date with any medical conditions that your child may develop or any changes to a pre-existing condition. We also ask that you please disclose any learning difficulty or diagnosed intellectual disability that your child may have, to ensure that your child is placed in the most appropriate and safe learning environment at all times. Your privacy and your child’s privacy will always be respected.

  • Holidays

    Lessons continue throughout the year including school holidays. Over the Christmas and New Year we break from lessons – these dates will be advertised in advance. We do not have tutoring lessons on Public Holidays and you will not be charged for these or the break over Christmas and New Year.

  • Tutoring Workshops

    Every school holidays, BlueFit Tutoring will run educational, interactive and extremely fun workshops designed to be focused on a specific topic e.g. drama, creative writing, study days, problem solving. Each workshop will run for 3 hours and include a recess break. After every workshop your child will also be able to play on the inflatable obstacle course in the stadium or go on the water slides (depending on the day) for free.

    Enrolment into the tutoring holiday workshops will be advertised in advance. All students enrolled in the BlueFit tutoring program will receive ONE free workshop per term. All other workshops need to be paid for.


  • What happens if my child is sick

    If your child is sick please advice the tutoring supervisor as soon as possible. There are no makeup lessons available however you will receive one free tutoring workshop every term as a substitute for any lessons missed.

  • What happens if I’m going on holidays?

    Payment must be received prior to participating in a lesson. If your name is not on the class list you will not be allowed to participate in the lesson until fees are paid in full.

    Direct Debit – you will be automatically enrolled into your current lesson day and time perpetually. Your position in the program is guaranteed. The fortnightly fee will be debited from either your bank account or credit card account.

  • I wish to know how my child is progressing – who do I ask?

    If you wish to discuss your child’s progress please speak to the BlueFit tutoring supervisor. It is the supervisor’s role to provide customer service and feedback on program participants. As you can appreciate, our tutors need to focus on their class at all times!

  • What is the payment procedure for lessons?

    BlueFit tutoring encourages year round tutoring for its participants for optimum results. However, when you are going away on holidays or wish to take a short break, we can arrange for you to cancel your booking. We can then place your family on our follow up report. This means we will contact you to rebook upon your return.


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