Time: Monday Nights 7.00pm -10.30pm
Competition starts: January 21st – May 6th.
Duration:15 Weeks
Total Cost: $900 plus a $200.00 refundable bond if adhering to all Terms & Conditions after the competition.
Minutes: 30min (2 x 15 minute halves)

Behavioural Contract


$200 bond
Bond to be paid by the Team in advance. The date of bond payment will be negotiated at the time of booking.
HALC will refund the bond by electronic transfer to the account details provided on the Electronic Refund Form, within 5 days after the competition.  If there is any damage to the stadium, equipment, or any breaches of the HALC behavioral contract, HALC will keep part or all of your bond money to cover these costs. HALC reserves the right to recover any additional costs incurred above and beyond the amount of the security bond.


1. Please complete the online registration form.
2. Before the first night of competition, the $260 deposit must be paid.
3. Fill in the team nomination form with all players contact details and send back to us at or hand in person on the first night of competition.

a) Pay the remainder $640 by week 4 of the competition 11th February 2019.