What is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates involves the use of a Pilates reformer machine to give a more intense and dynamic workout than mat based Pilates. Reformer Pilates allows participants to add resistance to Pilates exercises with the springs which form part of the machine.The exercises usually work muscles through a large range of motion which is ideal for building and toning muscles as well increasing stability through the joints.With Reformer Pilates you are able to work more areas of the body than traditional mat work Pilates, over time this helps give participants a long lean appearance.

Basic Reformer Classes (30min)

30 minute introductory classes free for all members

Reformer Pilates Classes (1h)

Weekly 1 hour classes aimed at toning your body and building your core stability. Bookings into the classes are required. These classes are separate to your health club membership.

BlueFit Health Club Members = $9per class/week

Non-BlueFit Health Club Members = $25per class/week

Discounts available below.

To book into your preferred class please see the health club reception team.


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The 1-hour Reformer Pilates classes is not a term-based program, the program continues throughout the year and through the School Holidays. Classes do not run on Public Holidays and we close over the Christmas and New Year break, these dates will be advertised in advance. (Dates to be advised) If your lesson falls on any of these dates you will not be charged.

To book into your preferred class please see the health club reception team.

BlueFit Health Club Members = $9per class/week

Non-BlueFit Health Club Members = $25per class/week

Discounts available below.

Payment must be received prior to participating in a lesson. If your name is not on the class list you will not be allowed to participate in the lesson until fees are paid in full. You will be automatically enrolled into your current lesson day and time perpetually. Your position in the program is guaranteed. The fortnightly fee will be debited from either your bank account or credit card account.

Discount per additional class per week you are booked into.

 1st Class2nd Class3rd Class4th Class5th Class
Members $9$8.10$7.20$6.30Free
Non Members $25$22.50$20.00$17.50Free

If you can’t make it one week for whatever reason, you can make it up through the online portal.

MAKE-UP LESSONS: BlueFit is proud to offer make up lessons based on the below policy;

  • You are responsible for marking your class absence & booking a make up lesson. This can only be done via the portal.
  • If you do not mark yourself absent you will not be able to book a make up.
  • You are entitled to one make up lesson per calendar month, per booking.
  • All absences need to be marked 14 days before but no less than 2 hours prior to the lesson. Once you mark yourself absent this can not be changed.
  • Make up lesson must be booked within 30 days of the marked absence. You will be able to book up a make up 7 days ahead of the class time.
  • If a make up lesson is missed or not book in, this lesson will be forfeited
  • You can not change the time of a make up once you have booked it in.
  • Make up lessons are non-refundable or transferrable
  • Make up lessons are subject to program availability. We do not guarantee you will be able to book a make up at a time you desire or that a place will be available.
  • When moving or changing your booking all make ups are reset and any future make ups no longer applicable.

Class cancellation must be made by completing a Cancellation Request form through the portal or at reception. The request must be made at least two (2) weeks before your last lesson.

Terms and Conditions

Classes are limited to 14 people only. No refunds will be issued for classes missed or for change of mind. To secure your booking you must be booked into the class. You can only attend the class you are booked into.  The reformer class fee is an additional cost on top of your existing membership fee. You must sign a fortnightly direct debit agreement.

Please contact or call 02 9585 9600 for more information.