Sometimes children are taken out of the swimming lessons due to the colder weather approaching however there are many reasons why you should be the keeping the child in their lesson!

If you have ever heard that swimming in winter makes your child more prone to catching a cold, don’t believe it, it is only an old wives tale! Swimming during winter time instead helps build stronger immune systems and makes a child more resilient to stress and other illnesses.

If you still fear that it may affect your health here are some good habits to maintain:

  • Wearing a swimming cap during the lessons
  • Wearing warm clothing and footwear for after lessons
  • Wearing more coverage with bathers such as a rash vest

No other workout is low impact but achieves high results building muscles, burning calories and stimulating your brain. The great thing about swimming is that it’s for everyone! You can also swim in rain, hail or shine, unlike other sports which get called off in bad weather so it keeps your child active throughout the whole year.

Lastly, the best way for children to remember and keep developing skills is through repetition. If you take them out for 3-4 months in winter, they may lose their technique and take longer to progress through the level or worse, forget important knowledge when they get back into swimming in public in the early days of spring and summer.

So even though winter is coming around remember to just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

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