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2023 March HAC - March Health Club Promo

Earlier this year, we held our Strike Football, Swish Basketball and FlipIt Gymnastics camps. It is safe to say that they all were a huge success!

Find out more about how each camp went below! 

Strike Football:

The Strike Football camps saw over 30 to 40 kids attending each day. 

Each camp included essential soccer drills to help with the kids’ skill development.

As part of this, the kids were able to:

  • Practice passing and moving.
  • Play in game scenarios with teammates.
  • Dribble the ball.
  • Focus on footwork especially in tight spaces.
  • Challenging our coordination and vision.
  • Shoot the ball.
  • Focus on a range of different techniques and when to best use them.

The kids were also treated to a variety of fun games, such as ‘red light green light’ and shark attack. A funny highlight of the Strike camps is when the coaches had a private discussion that they would win the coaches vs kids match, only to end up embarrassingly losing whilst the kids relished in their success.

In addition to the above list of fun activities, each afternoon we held a world cup tournament. Many of the kids found this activity to be the most fun and would constantly ask when the tournament would start.

Swish Basketball:

We held six Swish Basketball camps throughout the Summer holidays. Each camp had approximately 90 to 120 kids.

The camps incorporated a wide range of basketball drills to help improve their basketball skills and overall fitness! Throughout the camps, kids were encouraged to participate and discuss all things basketball. This included the following activities:

  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Dribbling – playing dribble knockout
  • Relay races
  • Shark Attack
  • Playing a variety of basketball related games
  • Competing in a coaches v students match

The variety of activities were used to highlight areas of improvement for each individual player and then allowed for our coaches to adjust the program accordingly. These camps had a strong emphasis on proper form and techniques.

A positive highlight of the Swish camps was during the Three Point Contest. Coach Josh had chosen to participate in the contest, and it appeared he was a fan favourite, with everyone cheering him on from the sidelines. Despite the crowd’s support, Coach Josh was unable to score, missing every shot that he put up. This year we saw a lot of love with the Golden Child drill. Majority of the kids continuously begged for this game throughout the camps. The older kids loved the 5v5 games where they were able to unleash their competitiveness amongst each other.

FlipIt Gymnastics:

The FlipIt Gymnastics camps are designed to gently introduce all kids to the exciting world of gymnastics.

This year, our teams put on a broad assortment of work stations that each focused on a different skill. These included:

  • Apparatus – beam, uneven bars, trampoline and floor
  • Rollings
  • Handstands
  • Cartwheels

Kids were also provided with plenty of opportunities to discover their passions, along with their own physical capabilities. To help explore their abilities, our coaches ran drills such as ‘cartwheel of terror’, pullovers and handstand competitions.

We are very proud to announce that we had 50 to 80 kids participating in each camp. It was great to see so many familiar faces attending these camps. We hope you all had a fantastic time, we know we did! 

It was especially fun when we played ‘game graduation’. This is where students were able to compete against each other and perform the hardest skill on the trampoline.

Overall, it was wonderful to see all of the kids participating and having fun these school holidays. We cannot wait to see everyone back for the next camps!

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